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about the form: the essex based studio of tim corke - sculptor and garden designer

(ma - art and design, bsc - garden design)

a creator of abstract and contemporary sculpture in stone and multimedia compositions; inspired by natural form to enhance and create a new dimension or identity to any interior or exterior space.

tel 07849837966

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sculpture by

tim corke

Emotional responsTim Corke on a fishing boat on the Solente is key to Tim’s creativity. He enjoys the spontaneity and creative energy of any new and abstract form. He believes the ‘life’ that emanates from any sculpture is a reflection of the emotion and energy during its creation.

Tim grew up in Lymington, a coastal town on the doorstep of the New Forest. The freedom and beauty of ‘Forest’ became embedded within his psyche. Tim found the emanation and energy of ‘life’ in this landscape. Influences of the sea also became very strong, including such things as the unpredictable nature of coastal weather. The coast is also a place of great contrast were man made sculptural forms like yachts or lighthouses are juxtapositioned against the natural landscape and the elements.

‘As a sculptor I encounter not just a material to be shaped but a wealth of sensation, memory and emotion. A sculpture will always be a reflection of the mind of the sculptor’.

In the vein of Immanuel Kant, Tim’s ethos stems around a desire to create ‘beautiful form’.

‘I like to feel the edge of the moment of people’s first reactions.  As a creator of visual art you can’t escape the spontaneity of the experiential and phenomenological in the guise of simply ‘like’ or ‘dislike’. It’s the pause when observation ends and imagination begins; the realisation that your work has connected with someone else’s mind and created a whole new unique series of thoughts and feelings. It’s a cyclical analysis of psychology born from curiosity that becomes part of your next work’.

Tim has always been interested in creating and manipulating physical form. He has an MA in Art and Design (2015) and a  BSc in Landscape and Garden Design (2004). Tim has practiced as a successful Garden Designer for the last 10 years.

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